What Easy FCKeditor is?

Easy FCKeditor is open source extension to Tapestry 5 that uses (as the name implies) FCKeditor under it's hood to deliver easy richtext editor component with file upload capabilities.

The main focus is to do everything Tapestry 5 way: you can work entirely with the provided (and excellent I might add) IoC as developers are used to. Also the idea is to really provide such documentation that it is easy to follow and understand. Easy Fck Editor aims to be simple to use and yet provide good interface to aid in extending and securing Tapestry 5 based rich editor needs.

Why? Doesn't ChenilleKit already have one?

Easy FCKeditor project started because the editor in ChenilleKit couldn't handle file uploads. Also I found that (at that time atleast) the documentation was not on very good level. I also didn't need but a fraction of what ChennilleKit provided. For me, I would be more merrier if there was tiny bits that I can put together in the project pom, so that I could "harvest" the libraries I need. This is also why I intent to package all forthcoming Tapestry 5 extensions as separate jars where possible. (CKeditor should follow shortly.)

Where to begin?

You should start by lookin at the documentation to see if Easy FCKeditor fits your needs.